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Welcome to the Kinaway website

The Kinaway Affix was registered with the Kennel Club in 1988; however, the love of Border Collies goes back to my childhood, when my father brought home from the farm a black & white bundle of fun – who became Kim. Although she never worked sheep she was one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever known.

Kim worked in my father's shop – and I mean worked – customers came in just to meet Kim and I am sure she boosted sales on many an occasion.

At the age of nineteen I left home and of course had to have my own Border Collie and that was my beloved Bonnie. We worked Obedience together with some success and then I met Dave and soon after we were married decided to look around for a puppy for me to train in Obedience as Bonnie was close to retirement from the ring.

I had visited Crufts a few years earlier and watched the first CCs go out in our breed and was very taken with the lovely Tri bitch – who became Sh Ch Tracelyn Gal. Off to Crufts to see if we could find a suitable breeder.

In the April we became proud owners of Whenway Babsi from Rosehurst – who was to be my Obedience girl. It was suggested that we did some showing whilst I was training Babsi – so Dave took her to Luton Show and won Best Puppy – we never got back to Obedience seriously after that.

We moved to Northamptonshire on a large plot (just for the dogs) and live next to a farm where the dogs can watch the sheep most of the year and run in the fields nearby (without the sheep). Please read through our Loving Memory and our Boys and Girls pages, which will bring you up to date about our kennel.

Our Kennel principle is to only own the number of dogs that we can give quality time to and therefore only breed very occasionally for ourselves or on a couple of occasions we have bred for others who already have Kinaway kids.

I would like to think we make a good partnership, as we both adore the dogs but have slightly different aspects of the show world that we most enjoy.

Dave is the main handler out of the two of us; he also handles Kinaway kids that we have bred and for friends that have now become part of the extending family.

Over the years Dave has achieved much success including gaining 10 CCs and 7 RCCs. I prefer the judging and working for the health and welfare of the breed and of course cheering from the ringside. Judging side I have given CCs in the breed on several occasions and have also judged in the USA and Europe. I am an active member of the Breed Council & Chair of the PBHF and always happy to give help and advice on the breed. Please feel free to contact us if we can help in way.

To bring us up to date we are the proud owners of Wizinby I Said I Am for Kinaway JW currently on 2 CCs & 2 RCCs – please see Merlin's page for details. Merlin is the sire of several winning progeny in breed – Kinaway I Am Sir Matt for Jacamalis who is Top Dog on the Points System for West of England (2012) Kinaway Doctor Porter, Kinaway Miss Congeniality (only just started in HTM and already winning). Dam to all these is our lovely Alice – Kinaway Scandel In Bohemia. Merlin also has another successful son in HTM – Kinaway Doctor Kildare now in advanced – dam is our Kinaway Blessing ‘n Disguise.

One of the stars of our Kennel – Kinaway Doctor Watson HTM winner at Crufts 2010 & 2011 (had to have 2012 off due to the judge being the daughter of the owner) so holds the record for the most wins at Crufts.

We also very proud of those working in Obedience, Heelwork To Music, Flyball, Agility and loving family pets.

Kathie (on behalf of us both and the Kinaway Clan).


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